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is an economical way to deliver urgent messages to lists of phone numbers: employees, customers, volunteers, relatives, team members, etc. The ListCaller service makes the calls for you, without wasting your time or tying up your phone lines. And it can collect responses from the recipients of your message to let you know who voted “yes”, who took the job, or who missed the message. Messages can be sent directly from our web site, or from any touchtone phone.

ListCaller FAQs

Delivery Features

bulletAfter you record and address  your message, ListCaller will begin calling.
bulletDialing will take place on multiple phone lines simultaneously.
bulletRecipients can replay and respond to your message.
bulletListCaller will attempt delivery to up to three phone numbers per recipient.
bulletIf the number is busy or no-answer, ListCaller will try again later.
bulletMessages will be left on answering machines if no response is required.
bulletPossible responses: vote, reply, confirm receipt, available to work.

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ListCaller User Guide  
(PDF file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)


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