Service Information and Operation

Obtaining a User ID

You may send a test message from the web site or by dialing 612-455-0270, but you will need a User ID in order to continue using the service.  A variety of economical plans are offered, starting at $20 per month, based on the anticipated volume of calls.  Contact Kuflink for information on subscribing to the ListCaller service: (651) 702-5578.

Sending a message

Once you have a User ID and passcode, you can start sending messages by logging into our web site or dialing our system from any phone:

Web Site Dial Up (612) 455-0270
Log in with User ID & PW Log in (if not calling from home)
Create a list of recipients Create a phone list (optional)
Select a list (SEND tab) Record your voice message
Type your message Select list or enter phone numbers
Choose a delivery option Choose a delivery option
Send the message Send the message

Creating a group list

Lists can be created for each User ID. Each list can contain the name, phone numbers and email address of as many as 999 people. There are three methods to create a list: (1) log into ListCaller web site, click on the Create/Edit Lists folder tab and then click Create New List; (2) dial ListCaller service, log in, press 3 for lists and then 2 to create one; (3) create a file containing the recipient information and import it (see details below, under “Importing lists from Excel”).

Sending Text messages

Messages that you send from the web site must be entered as Text and are then converted to Speech for delivery by phone. The latest Microsoft Text-to-Speech technology is used to create an intelligible computer voice that performs well with simple messages, dates and times. For best results, spell out words completely, use proper punctuation, and don’t be miffed if the computer mispronounces a proper name or industry buzzword.

Recording a voice message

The best message is always the one you record in your own voice. It’s easy to create and manage your lists through the web site and then dial the service to record and send messages. Each list is assigned a two-digit speed-dial number for easy selection by phone. Messages can be up to five minutes in length and can be recorded over and over until you are satisfied with the way they sound.

Selecting delivery options

The last step in sending a message allows you to choose a delivery option:

bulletSchedule: specify a future date and/or time for message delivery
bulletConfirm: ask recipients to verify that they received the message
bulletVote: ask recipients to respond “yes” or “no” to your message
bulletReply: ask recipients to record a voice message for you
bulletStaffing: stop calling as soon as a recipient says “yes”

Message delivery by phone

ListCaller uses multiple phone lines to deliver your message, which means that many people may be receiving your message at the same time (unless it is a Staffing call). Our system will dial the number, wait for an answer, and tell the person who the call is from. If it gets a busy signal or ring-no-answer, it will try again later. After hearing your message, the recipient can replay the recording, schedule a callback, or respond to your special request (confirm, vote, reply, etc.). Unless you specify otherwise, calls will only be attempted between the hours of 8 AM and 10 PM.

Alternate Phone Numbers

Each individual that you add to a list can have up to three different telephone numbers and one email address. If the system gets a busy signal or no-answer at the first number, it will immediately try the second, and then the third. Phone numbers can be designated as Home, Mobile, Office (with or without extension number) or Pager (system phone number is displayed).

Message Delivery by Email

If an email address is specified for any member of a list, then a copy of each message will be attached to an email and sent to this address. The format of the attachment will indicate how the message was created: recorded messages will generally be WAV attachments (11KHz, 8-bit, mono) while typed messages will be attached as TXT files. The filename of the attachment will be of the form where “nn..nn” is the message ID number and “xxx” is the three-character file extension. Most Microsoft Windows systems will handle these types of file attachments.

Answering Machines

When calling to deliver your message, our equipment tries its best to determine if a live person or an answering machine answers. If it thinks an answering machine or voice mailbox has picked up the call, it will wait for silence, skip the introduction, play the message and hang up. (So if it guesses wrong, the recipient will still hear the message.) The exception to this is if you specify a special delivery option (confirm, vote, reply) in which case the system simply hangs up and calls back later, without leaving a voice message.

Checking responses

Even if you didn’t ask for any response from the recipients of your message, the delivery status can be viewed by clicking the Check Responses folder tab on the Web site and selecting a message from the list. The date and time of the last delivery attempt will be shown next to each recipient. If you asked recipients to Confirm, Vote or Reply to your message, their responses will be shown here as well. Some of the same information can be accessed through the phone by logging into the ListCaller number and pressing “1” for message status.

Calling ListCaller by phone

Our service is as accessible as you are. If you can get to a phone, you can send a message by dialing (612) 455-0270. You will need to enter your User ID and passcode if you’re calling from anywhere but home. In fact, we typically use your home phone number as your User ID. And you can even check responses to your message and listen to replies by phone.

Importing lists from MS Excel

If you have Microsoft Excel on your computer, you can easily create a list of names and phone numbers and send it to our web site. Download the Excel template and fill in the columns with your data.  Then save as Type=CSV, log into your ListCaller account on the web, and click on Manage Lists / Import Lists.

Monthly charges

Invoices will be produced for usage charges during the preceding month. ListCaller bills for each Message Delivery (i.e., one message delivered to one number) as well as Connect Time (i.e., outbound local or long distance calls). A minimum monthly charge applies, and some plans may offer bundled pricing for smaller businesses. Contact us for the current price schedule and volume discounts.

Service Parameters

Lists per User up to 90, numbered 10-99
Members per List up to 999, in the order to be called
Message Length Voice – up to 5 minutes
Text – 500 words
Ring Count 5 rings = no answer/abandon call
Delivery Attempts up to 24, or 3 days, whichever comes first
Message Retention up to 99 days unless erased by user
Future Delivery up to 24 hours or 30 days ahead
Wait to Retry Busy… 5 minutes
No Answer… 15 minutes
Refused… 60 minutes (unless re-scheduled)
Error Tone… 30 minutes