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Zipcode Data Processing

Kuflink maintains an up-to-date repository of national zipcode data, including geocoding of zipcode centroids and carrier routes.  This latitude/longitude data is used by our Store Locator software to calculate the distance between our clients' locations and every U.S. zipcode.

We offer this data processing service to other clients who need proximity data.  We can take a list of your stores/dealers and their associated zipcodes and generate a list of the closest locations for every U.S. zipcode.  We charge a flat fee of $195 per list for this service.

Service Highlights

bulletEmail us a list of your locations with their corresponding zipcodes or lat/lon's.
bulletChoose an output file format: fixed fields, CSV or tab-delimited.
bulletSelect the maximum locations per zipcode: closest 3, 4, 5 or 6.
bulletSpecify the distance, in miles, beyond which a location is "too far".
bulletOur zipcode database is updated monthly with USPS information.

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