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StatusNow automatically delivers status reports to your customers, directly to their email addresses, on a regular schedule and in a variety of formats.  The Voice and Fax options provide other methods of requesting and receiving status info.

bulletReports: repair and sales orders (both open and recent), core report
bulletFormats: document (RTF), fax (TXT) or spreadsheet (CSV)
bulletSchedules: daily reports, or on the days and hours you specify.

Boost the productivity of your staff by providing automatic status updates to customers.


Look at the ways StatusNow can improve the way you do business and save you money:

bulletReduce the volume and length of calls to your customer service reps.
bulletShorten the return time for defective cores from your customers.
bulletGive all your customers the latest order info, in a format they can use.
bulletImprove customer relations by being constantly in touch.
bulletLet your customers dial in and do their own lookups with the Voice option.


The StatusNow software package will run on any of the following Microsoft Windows platforms: NT 4.0, 2000, or XP.

bulletHighly integrated with your existing database so information is current.
bulletData is secure – reports are read-only and do not change any information.
bulletSchedules/formats are tailored for individuals at each customer company.
bulletStatus reports are sent to customers thru your existing email server.
bulletEasy to install, simple to maintain.


The StatusNow Voice option gives your customers touchtone control over what, when and how they receive status information:

bulletLogin by entering an account code and user ID to pull up your contact info.
bulletChoose a specific repair order from a spoken list of part numbers/names.
bulletEnter a few digits of the P.O. number to find the desired sales order.
bulletText-to-speech technology “speaks” names, part descriptions, addresses.
bulletTransfer calls to the customer service department if requested (optional).


If your customers prefer fax over email, then the Fax option will transmit status reports anywhere in the world, in any of the three StatusNow formats.


bulletRepair Orders: contact name, part no’s and descriptions, quantities, dates, serial no’s, waybills, AWP parts
bulletSales Orders: parts ordered/shipped/ backordered, due dates, ship dates, serial no’s, ship-to addresses, waybills
bulletCore Report: defective parts due back from the customer (i.e., exchanges)


StatusNow is an add-on software module that can run on any computer with network access to your database server. No additional hardware is required.

Optional voice functions are performed by an Intel speech card, installed in your computer and connected to one or more standard phone lines. Customers may call from any touchtone phone.

Optional fax functions are performed by an Intel card or by third-party fax software and fax modem. Reports are produced and sent to the fax number specified for each customer contact.

Account codes, user IDs, contact names, fax numbers, email addresses, file formats, days/times to send reports, and other parameters may be stored in your database or ours.

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