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Appointment/Reminder Suite

This group of Kuflink software products can be used by themselves or together.  Originally developed for a hospital with multiple departments, Kuflink ARS allows networked users to schedule appointments, wait-list clients, and automate reminder calls.

  1. Calendar Module manages appointments and meetings for all staff members.
  2. Reminder Module automatically calls clients the day before appointment.
  3. Data Admin Module allows authorized personnel to manage internal data.

Calendar Module

bulletSchedule appointments, meetings and other activities with a few mouse clicks.
bulletDisplay and print all upcoming appointments for a client on a single sheet.
bulletCancel appointments, flag no-shows (who will receive a call to re-schedule).
bulletDisplay and print daily schedule of appointments for each staff member.
bulletView a condensed schedule for all staff in a department to find open slots.
bulletManage the wait-list, adding clients and filling cancellations immediately.

Screen Shot

Reminder Module

bulletAutomatically call clients by phone the day before their appointments.
bulletRemind them of the date, time, doctor, procedure, expected duration, and any special instructions for new patients.
bulletAllow client to repeat the information, schedule a later call-back, or connect to the department receptionist during business hours.
bulletLeave the information on an answering machine, or redial if the line is busy or there is no answer.
bulletCall “no shows” to remind them that they missed their appointment and will need to call back to re-schedule.

Data Admin Module

bulletManage the list of staff members and their work days/hours.
bulletAdd pages to the calendar when necessary, with off-times blocked out.
bulletUpdate calendar pages when days/hours change for one or more staff.
bulletManage the list of departments (name, abbreviation, phone number, etc.)
bulletManage the list of appointment types (name, duration, department)
bulletManage the list of meeting types (specific to each department)
bulletView the list of clients (name, phone numbers, birthdate, MR number, etc.)
bulletImport patient info from an external text file if necessary.
bulletView the Wait List, Activity Log, Reminder Calls.
bulletCustomize parameters (company name, phone, permissions, username, etc.)

Each module can be customized to fit a wide variety of scheduling environments.  For example, the Reminder module can be configured to pull data from your existing appointment database and send it to our ListCaller service to make the calls.

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ARS User Guide 
(PDF file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

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