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Since 1998, Kuflink Corp. has set the standard for providing U.S. Senators, Representatives, candidates and the media with simple, reliable actuality access by phone. The economical Actuality Access System™ (AAS) captures audio information by telephone or by computer and makes it available for playback from any phone in the world.

Actualities are sound bites, speeches, responses, policy statements, or any other type of audio that can be recorded and made available to the broadcast media, staff and constituents. AAS makes it easy for the politician or press secretary to record actualities by phone, or to produce them on an audio workstation and transfer them into the system.

Each actuality is automatically assigned a unique ID number, which can be communicated to the media in a press release. When a reporter calls the system, he/she can enter this number for instant access to a specific actuality – or request playback of the most recent actualities by name.

AAS has all the features you really need:

bulletHandles multiple calls simultaneously.
bulletTracks the date, time, actuality and CallerID for each call.
bulletAccommodates multiple producers on the same system.
bulletReproduces the highest quality audio possible over telephone lines.
bulletPlays prompts in English or Spanish.
bulletAvailable as a turnkey system or as a monthly service.

When you purchase (or rent) an AAS system,  you receive the AAS Admin software for Windows computers, free of charge.  AAS Admin will import and export sound files to the Kuflink system, converting from WAV and MP3 to uLaw and back.  This powerful module is intended to be used on audio workstations anywhere on your local area network.

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AAS User Guide  [PDF icon]
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